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Celebrating Palmyra Primary School's Centenary in 2013

Class of 1964. Recognise anyone?


I found this picture of the class of  1964. Do you recognise anyone in the photo?

Class of 1964


9 thoughts on “Class of 1964. Recognise anyone?

  1. Class of 1964. I recognized my brother Trevor Ihle in front row second from the left. Trevor passed away at aged 56 with a heart attack. We both held treasured memories of our Palmyra State School years. Leonie Collins (Ihle)

  2. Front row:- ?,Glenda Oliveri,?,? Christine Stoddart, Janet Cumbers,Nola Chamberlain,Peter Westall,?, Geoff Cotton, Norm Webb, Trevor Ihle, Harvey
    2nd row :- ? Helen Window, Diane Parker, Shirley-Anne Hertel,Dianne Hogbin, Judy Collis,Greg Nelson, Jennifer Collins,?,?,?,?
    3rd Row:- ?,?, Garry Ebsary, Peter Carrol, ?,,John Patroni,?,?
    4th Row:- Gail Elliot, Chris, David Mellows, Gary Walker, Peter Wood, Stuart Lewis, Patrick Ryan,?, Dale Williams,Marion Steur

  3. First row (LHS)
    Patricia Hammer , Glenda Oliveri, Lesley Hammer

  4. Definitely Janet Cumbers in the front. That’s ME!!! & Annette Froggat 2nd row left. Maynell Graffin 2nd row, 2nd from the right. Jennifer Collins, Greg Nelson middle 2nd row.

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