pally is 100

Celebrating Palmyra Primary School's Centenary in 2013

Tamar Street Hall


My grandfather (Sydney Woodall Smith) built a house at 73 Carrington St (which still stands) in the early 1900s and left space for an extra room.
This room ( the boy’s room) was added about the time my father was born and the rafters and other bits were from the off-cuts and left-overs from the Tamar St hall. My father was born in 1913 and started at THE school in 1919. His two younger brothers followed.
Les Smith

2 thoughts on “Tamar Street Hall

  1. My Grandfather (Charles Hamlet Webb) built a house at 27 Cleopatra St in 1919.

  2. The hall was at the back of our place and boy did it rock some times, with wooden floors and wooden walls we could hear the lot. My brother Peter and I slept in a sleep out at the rear of our house so we heard it all. Fortunately dances and parties didn’t last all night back then so we got by.

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