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Celebrating Palmyra Primary School's Centenary in 2013

Memories from Peter Luff from the 1940s


I have spent some time trying to remember the names and faces of students in my years at Palmyra Primary. I’m not doing too well however as I have only got to 25 full names and 2 first names. From memory there were about 53 students in my year. I started in 1945 and share fond memories of Mrs Lothian and also, the love of my life at the time, Ruth Jackson. Ruth had a beautiful singing voice and I caught up with her a few years after leaving Paly when she was singing on stage in the Perth Town Hall.

I am attaching a couple of photos that may bring back some memories to a few. Above is when we were planting a tree for Arbor Day, the first Friday in June 1948. From the right are Ross Purser, Evan Hinckley and myself holding the spade. I can’t clearly recall the other two chaps although the second from the left could be Teddy Watson.

This one  is the infants class of 1940. This was Mrs. Lothian’s class.

Peter Luff


4 thoughts on “Memories from Peter Luff from the 1940s

  1. Fantastic Photos!……..But guess what?…That toilet block in the background is still in use today!

  2. Well done Pete!! You haven’t changed a bit!! LOL
    Can’t help noticing all the bare feet in the class photo!!

  3. I started at Paly in 1955 and also remember Ruth Jackson, I was in her choir. I saw her again 35 years later when I was walking around the river one day her husband pushing her in a wheelchair. I stopped and spoke with her mentioning to her how special she was to me as a young girl starting school at Palmyra. She became very tearful and her husband thanked me for stopping them to mention this to her as teaching was her life. She never had children of their own. Thank you for sharing your photos with us Peter, cheers Leonie

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  4. That boy front row 2nd from the right is definitely Reggie Wright. He is my uncle and my mother Fay, older than Reg , went to pally same time.
    My sister and I were at pallly 1964 / 65. Teachers Jack Lacey and Eleanor Tupper… ( I think it was Eleanor ).

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