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Celebrating Palmyra Primary School's Centenary in 2013

Rollcall: Students from 1955 – 1961


Greg King, (student 1955 to 1961) has made a list of the kids in his class during his time at Palmyra.

Do you know anyone on this list? Or are you there?

Tell us your memories of Pally Primary at this time or email us  any pix!

Greg King, Ken Wells , Laurie John Murname, Robert Murname, Lyn Murname  ,Steven Murname, Brian Hitchcock catholic school?, Graham Chisholm, Graham Corum, Donald Hancock, Kerry Handcock, Denise Handock, Kevin Handcock, Colin Anscombe, Carol Anscombe, Suzanne Anscombe, Kevin White, Philip Read, Mareen Read, Stan Read, Ruby Read, Pam or Sandra? Read, Sandra Gibson, Keith Mitchell, Pam Strother, Peter Strother, Margret Strother, David Taylor, his sister?, Ron Ewer, Tischie Myre, Evan Hinckley, Ross King, Lorraine Bull, Gaye Pacey, Peter Jez, Brian Smedly, Mandy Mitcheson, Alan Goodlet, Geoffery Shearer, Geoffery Hovey Frank Hastings, Kevin Smith,Tommy Mitchell,Suzanne Willcock, Roy Willcock,Daryl Silver,Peter Bennett, Cheryl Marshall,Beverley Scott,Lorraine Cowan,Yvonne King,Sandra Anderson,Tina Schokker,Sue Savage, Kerry Smith ? Mitchell, Kevin Smith , Kevin Handcock,Alan Ferguson, Barry Lawler,Keith Cross,George Peach,Janet Middleton,Jim Crithon,Lois Hepburn,Hiedi Kappra,Peter Flade,Bruce Evans,Wayne Cox,Micheal Pimblett, Peter/Kevin ? Brian Simpson,Bill Neville,Gayle Gutherie? Graham Anderton,Ray Meckmekon,Geoff Wrigley, Stephen Bradley,Phillip Read, Joe Cocci.

Anyone else?


11 thoughts on “Rollcall: Students from 1955 – 1961

  1. Class of 1971.
    If I have forgotten you, sorry , memories not as good as it was.
    Teachers; Mr Harvey and Mr Bruce Cornish ( ran into him in about 1993 in Bunbury)
    Malinda Watkins,Marni Outram,Brenda Bruce,Debra Kenworthy ,Christine Burke,Sandra Cordingly, Maxine ? , Michelle Vidanovich,,
    Kim Deller, Sharon Kersting, Leann Orgles,Julie Gazzone,Dianne Henderson, Vera Muskarovsky,Jaqui Tugby,Robyn Smith,Debbie McDonald,Maxine Willis, Julie Ricchetti,Susan Negas,Annette Jordan ,Marie White,Deborah Charles,Erin Court, Jenny Sims,Elizabeth Hill,Vicky Chamberlaine, Irene Jez,Jennifer Warr, Janice Luck, Colleen Charles , Lindsay Smith, Bradley Vinton, Steven Hucker,Darryl deely, Colin Smith?, Ian Stevens, Stephen Richardson, Barry Webb, Richard Piil,Glenn Piltcher,Kim ?,Peter , Paul Davies,Frances DiGorgio, George Goodsell, Gary Davies, Trevor Stedman, Mark Laurence, Garry Kenny, Barry Brennan,Dean Richie.
    There’s a lot of boys I’ve missed , I know the face but I cant put a name to it.

  2. Sandra Anderson lived across the road from me in Tamar St, Graham Anderton lived next door . He taught my kids at Sth Freo High ( he unfortunately passed away). A George Peach ? owned the Cable Ski Park in Spearwood. And I do know a Wayne Cox but I don’t think he is old enough to be this one.

  3. 1955-1961There were many more children that started at Palmyra School in 1955 . Leonie Ihle , Lyn Beswick, Annette Hatch, Maxine Chapman, Graham Collins Barry Collins ( twins ) Julie Hansen, Gwen Messenger, Marie Bruse, Lynette Bruse, Jean Trezise, Terry Morrell, Maxine Lynch, Dawn Curry, Sandra Taylor, Jenifer Adams, Gwen Smith, Reggie Vagg, John Hollands, Graham Johnson , Ross McLachlan, Barry Maher, Doug Waghorn, Sandra Jones, Lynn Hogbin, Lesley Thorn, David Morcom, Graeme baker, Faye Collis, Lesley Chetwyn, Margaret Bell, Lloyd Margetts, Sally Trainor, Jill Forrest, David Atkinson, Vicki Livingston, Howard Shaw, Lee Hendy, Russell Davis, Freda Hansen , Doug Culkin, John Hoskins, Lorraine Brookes, Ian Warburton . Lynn Hinkley , Maxine Patroni.
    These students are in my class photo, I think there were two large classes of students in these years.
    Leonie Ihle

    • Great to see all the names that were class mates all those years ago
      Graeme Baker

    • Leonie
      Lots of those names I remember. My sister Ann Benporath was in your year I was the one before. We had 50 plus in our class…..I don’t recall ever having class photos…guess you only have your year.
      Looking forward to what comes up before the 9th November…hopefully some more photos.
      Barbara Benporath

    • Lynette Read Phillip Read 1955

    • So interesting to see the list of old names – from time to time even cross paths with one or two. Was fascinated to visit the Sunday Market at the school recently and see some of the changes in the grounds after so many years.
      Have mostly lived south of the river over the years, as seems to be the case with quite a few of you.

      Lloyd Margetts

  4. I attended Paly 1955-1961, my brother Peter was acouple of years after me and our sister Denise a couple after him

  5. I can add more names of those who attended the school from 1956 – 1962. Myself, Dianne Jones, Doreen Jones, Lesley Knight, Helen Cameron, Leith Willis, Linda Pyburne, Cheryl Dunn, Ursula Neindorf, Kerry McMahon, Ella Chester, Kaye Miguel, Glenda Woods, Lynette Varvel, Carla Gerritsen, Sandra Melbourne, Jennifer Butterley ,Laurel Brandon, Faye Shaw, Evelyn Rowlands . Bob Moir, John Neville, Wayne Rudland, John Lewis, Bill Tatham, Kelvin McCorry, Peter Metcalf, Ian and Gerry Nelligan, Ray Turner, Wayne Griffiths. Others in different years were Bob Miguel, Ross Jones, Ian Metcalf, Lyn Metcalf, Ray Metcalf, Lynette Smith, Margaret Turner, Lynette Andrews, Ian Warburton, Vernon Butterley, Colin Richardson, Lance Moir, Lester Mayes, Alan Chester, Tommy Chester, Maureen Chester, Marilyn Griffiths, Billy Lines,, Graham Bell, Lois Brandon, Lesley Hayley, Micky Donnas, Roy Rolands, Yvonne Guthrie.

    Cheers Dianne

    • I also went to Palmyra in 1956 and my first teacher was Miss Moss. Also in my class was Rob Chester and Ron Marks and I remember going to the overflow class down at the old church in grade 4 I think it was with Mr Kanganas as teacher. Rob and Ron lived very local and they became mates along with the girl living opposite Ella Chester who you mention in your list. Sadly my memory, especially as I have lived in UK for 48 years, has finished such that I don’t recall many others, although many of the names in your list sound very familiar. Kind regards Russell Berryman

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