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Celebrating Palmyra Primary School's Centenary in 2013

Some memories from Carol Eaton (nee Widdicombe)

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Grade 7, 1963
3 generations of Carol’s family attended Palmyra Primary School.
Henry Joseph Widdicombe, Carol Widdicombe and Mark Eaton.
Henry Joseph attended in c1913 at the Tamar Street Hall but not sure for how long. Carol attended in 1957 – 1963. My son Mark attended in 1979 – 1980.
My grade one teacher was Miss Moss. She was a white haired gentle lady. Close to retirement I think.
There were 3 classrooms of grade 7 students in 1963 comprising of approximately 30 students per class.
I would walk to and from school every day and go home for lunch as I lived only a few streets from the school. It was safer then.
We didn’t  have a uniform, except a sports uniform which was worn every Friday on Sports day. The uniform for girls was a tunic in blue and red trim. On sports carnivals we wore faction T shirts and white shorts.
All my siblings attended Palmyra Primary. Valerie, Raymond, Laurel and Merlene. My sister Valerie attended in 1942. She said the school was quite small. There was only the wing that faced Aurelian Street then.
It has certainly grown over the years.

One thought on “Some memories from Carol Eaton (nee Widdicombe)

  1. I don’t recall the name Widdicombe from when I was at Palmyra, but I have come to realise I knew no one from other classes, except maybe close friends of my older & younger sisters. My class photos I had written names on the back of the photo, otherwise there would have been very few names remembered by me.
    Glenda Smith (nee McGregor)

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