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Palmyra Photoshoot – can you help?

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We’ve made a lot of progress on the book, and we’re now at the stage where we’re having a photoshoot to take take photos of the recipes in the book, the school itself and children.

We are looking for volunteers to help out at the shoot and also for a loan of items that we can use as props. It is happening next week, Mon 8 – Wed 10 April at the school.

Volunteer your time

We need to fill the following spaces, so if you have some time, we’d love your help:

Monday 8 April

  • 2-3 people needed to help move trestle tables and all of the props ready to start shooting the next day.  Hopefully this will only take a couple of hours in the morning after school drop off.

Tuesday 9 April

  • Need one more person to receive food 8.30 – 10.30am
  • Need more people to take over after the first shift of helpers finish at 3pm

Wednesday  10 April
This is planned to be a shorter day than Tuesday but again, the finish time is unknown until the day so any after school (childless), or after dinner helpers would be greatly appreciated

  • 2 people needed to receive food 8:30-10:30am
  • Need one more person from the start of the day (8.30am) for as long as possible (up to 2.30pm or longer      if able!)
  • Need more people to take over after the first shift of helpers finish.

Props needed – Calling all collectors!

We’re also still in need of many, many props. If you look through any foodie mag you’ll notice that every photo contains different props so you can imagine just how many things we’re looking for.  The book will have a rustic/organic feel, so if you have items that will fit this, we’d love to hear from you.

Some items we’re specifically looking for…

birds nest
old kitchen chopping boards
old cutlery
old wire racks
old preserve jars, various sizes
pint milk bottles
old wooden handled knives/forks
baking paper
various string, creams, browns etc
old sieves
old rolling pins
old baking trays/cake tins/muffin tins
old scales
old recipe books
Any old Palmyra newletters/fete flyers etc
old wooden boards/floorboards to look like a table
white washed boards/floorboards
old tongs/utensils
old cake stands
ammunition boxes
old leather trunks/lunch boxes/eskies
hessian/linen tableclothes/napkins/material/ any earthy colours.

We will be having a drop off of items this Sunday at the school from 2 -4pm.

Who to contact

Please contact Di Norris if you can contribute on or on 0409 454 341. Please contact her first to discuss your items, or ideally, send her through a photo of what you have. Contact Di too if you can help out on the day and she’ll work out a spot on the roster for you.


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