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Celebrating Palmyra Primary School's Centenary in 2013

Memories from Nanette


Nanette Richards (nee Hovey attended the school from 1956 to 62.

One of her memories relates to what happened when the school was dealing with a boom of students after the war.

 In grade four, due to overcrowding at the school, our class was sent down to the old church in McKimmie road for the year.  Our teacher was Mr. Kanganas.  We would walk up the hill for sport and sewing classes with the rest of the school but otherwise spent all our time at the church.  We had lots of fun as the church was on a big block and we could play in amongst the trees and undergrowth. I remember, with my best friend Penny Harrison, making our own little cubby area which we decorated with wildflowers and creepers.  I also remember at the front of the  church was a piece of the floor which could be pulled up with rope handles  and beneath it was a large cement ‘bath’ which we assumed was for baptisms.

Other memories include using inkwells and being the ink monitor.  I was a messy kid so always ended up with ink everywhere.  Was very pleased to be able to use biros in year five.

At school we used to listen to a radio program (broadcast over the PA system) which was for schools and involved a song book.  Cant remember what it was called but I do remember thinking that one day we would be watching this on tv rather than listening to the radio.

Does anyone else remember the church on McKimmie? I guess that’s where the kindy is these days?


6 thoughts on “Memories from Nanette

  1. Yes, I re member the church class, not that I was there.
    However I do remember the teacher, Nic kanganas. He had a burger bar on Stirling Hwy Mosman Pk which he worked every night for many years (teaching by day, flipping burgers at night) IBest burgers in Perth too. I know, I ate that many over the years I now look like one.
    Ross Gibbs. 53 / 60

  2. Yes Nanette,

    I also attended the church class on McKimmie Street in 1959 in my fourth year at Pally .

    The church was an old wooden building painted white and was located close to Canning Highway (about 6-7 blocks up on the east side of McKimmie). I can also recall building cubbies in the bush at the back of the church with my good mate Ron Marks. The teacher, Mr Kanganas, had a new two tone green EK (I think) Holden sedan. Years later I remember seeing him -he had a burger bar in a caravan at Cottesloe.

    Once when Mr Kanganas had to go back up to the main school for a few hours the kids turned on the tap at the side of the church and we all had a great time building huge lakes and dams and flooding about half the church yard. Another time, after being whacked for misbehaving one of the kids (Bill Tatum, I think) ran outside, jumped on his bike and rode around the church whilst throwing honky nuts through the windows. Some times when called to the front on the class to receive a whack the kids used to secretly place a pad down the back of their shorts-it was interesting to hear the different sound effects as they got whacked on the backside. Generally though I think Mr Kanganas was a pretty soft touch and was well liked by most of the kids.

    I can’t recall seeing Mr Kanganas at the school after that year, I think the year teaching at the church convinced him that making burgers was much easier.

    Rob Chester 56/62

    • I attended 1958-1964 and recall the stories about the old church from my neighbour Garry Sexton. I do know that by the time I got Mr Kanganas in grade 5, he was running a VERY tight ship. I fear the old church may have scarred him for life.

  3. Hi Nannette
    Yes I do remember that old church building. Seeing all the posts and what other had to say brought back so many memories. Names of classmates long forgotten. Those days in that classroom were the ones I remember the most. Never forgot Mr Kanganas. Remember the ruler on the bottom for the naughty ones. Also remember being in the Chior and going to the ABC to sing on the radio. Don’t remember the singing teachers name though.

    • Hi Ursula,
      I remember you from Pally Primary. I think the choir teacher you may have forgotten was Miss Maureen Thomas? I
      saw this info on page 74 of the Pally Primary Centenary book “Our Pally” in an article written by Linda Pyburne. What a great year we all had at that little church.

      • Hi Rob,
        I remember well the old church in year 4 and the teacher. I was involved in the damming incident and well remember throwing the honky nuts. I used to knock around with you and Ron Marks but lost touch when I went to Melville HIgh. But the church was a great memory and yes I believe it must have destroyed the teacher’s faith in human nature as we behaved very badly sometimes. I also recall a back room with gym mats at the church and also us boys always dropping pencils so we could look up the girls skirts, sorry girls!
        I also remember a girl called Ella Chester whom we all had a crush on and when we were learning ball room dancing on the playground the girls were lined up on one side, teacher blew a whistle and the boys all ran to get a pretty girl, and us three all ran for Ella, I think we did anyway, and I often won being the fastest runner. Ella went to work at Woolies in Freemantle I think and I went to the UK and only return occasionally. I did try to catch up with you guys years ago when I went to your old houses in Palmyra and neighbours said Ron Marks parents still there and left a note but never heard. Anyway good memories. Russell Berryman ex Woodley Crescent in Melville Heights.

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