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Looking for photos of Ruth Sutherlin


Adele Terrell contacted us, because she is looking for photos of her Mother, Ruth C Sutherlin.

Ruth attended Palmyra Primary School from approximately 1956 – 1963.

Ruth’s birthday was 27/1/1950 – so not sure if they attended kindergarten back in those days.

Does anyone have any photos or remember Ruth?

Post in the comments if you can help Adele!



7 thoughts on “Looking for photos of Ruth Sutherlin

  1. Ruth was in my class at Palmyra primary. I remember going to her place after school and having picnics in the bushland near her house. I went on to Melville High School. not sure if she went to John Curtin or Melville High though I have a vague memory of seeing her in the Melville High uniform. Sorry I dont have any photos.

  2. Was Ruth’s maiden name Sutherlin? I was there during that time as well (Dianne Jones in those days). Nanette I remember you. Can’t remember any class photos, only individual ones taken.

  3. Hi,
    Did Ruth live in a house on the corner of Forrest Street and Justinian Street and have a brother called Neville.? I lived at 243 Forrest St and use to play with Neville.

  4. Yes Ruth did live on the corner right next to me at 239 Forrest Street Palmyra. I thought it was Ruth Sutherland but now i am questioning my spelling of that.
    Neville was Ruth’s brother’s name.
    My name was Julie Coates in those days and was a little older than you guys ( 1946 birthday).
    Enjoy your reunion, I live in Atlanta Georgia so unfortunately I can not be there but hopefully my children will. They are of the Bancroft family.
    I missed the Allen family when they moved!!!!
    God bless you all.

    • Hi Julie,
      I remember the Coates house. It was a green weatherboard place and you use to have little concerts on a stage out the front. The houses were on huge blocks which don’t exist today. We moved in December 1963 to the country where my mother had twins in 1964 and then to Hilton in 1966. I rode my bike from Hilton to Melville High School for 5 years.
      I always thought it was Sutherland so I was wrong to. Cheers.

  5. Hi
    My name is Ursula Nauendorf. I lived in Marmion Street, Melville. I was in Ruth’s class and we used to play after school sometimes. I remember she went out with a cousin of a neighbour of mine. He came out from Germany and stayed with his family. His name was Validmar Vali. Sorry don’t have any photos.

  6. Adele, on re reading your request, I am curious, you seem to speak in past tense, has Ruthie died? I hope not.
    She was such a sweet child who did suffer with a skin problem.
    I used to baby sit some times when your grandfather was in hospital.
    Blessings. Julie (Coates) Portwood

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