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Celebrating Palmyra Primary School's Centenary in 2013

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Photos of the day – do you have any?

Many photos were taken on the Centenary day by the public and we’d like to showcase them on the Pally website.

Want to contribute your own snaps of the fabulous day? Please do!

See the first batch of images here ->



What a wonderful day!

Thousands came and it was just so lovely. We were blown away! The chatting and catching up just didn’t stop the whole time, from the Legacy Poppy cafe  at the start to the band and dancing in evening.

It was hot! But under an awning of Pally bunting, and classrooms full of wonderful memorabilia, everyone came and celebrated.

The committee and the school volunteers worked just so hard, producing a wonderful book and thinking through everything in the lead up  and  producing a really special day.

I was proud to be involved in helping write some of the book, manage the blog and email and work at the book stall on the day. ( I was exhausted but happily by the end  of it !).

We would love to hear if any of our blog followers came and  enjoyed their time.

These are Tomaz’  photos from the day…. for those that couldn’t make it.

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Kicking off from 3pm, Saturday 9th November

We’re all very excited here that the day is nearly upon us! The school is buzzing, helped by the fact that we won the interschool athletics carnival for the first time in 18 years

Opening Ceremony on school oval stage

  • CAFÉ WITH COMPLIMENTARY TEA, COFFEE, CAKE (Donations to Legacy appreciated)

4 – 5pm
School, Pally Patch and Classrooms open

  • Play games of yester-year, memory lane photos, reunite with class mates, make damper in the Pally Patch, view history-themed class room displays, skipping demonstration by Pally kids AND SO MUCH MORE!!

5 – 5.30pm
Presentation by Mayor and Student performances on school oval stage

  • BAR OPENS 5.30pm

6 – 7pm
Band plays first set

7 – 7.30pm
VJ Zoo photo/light projection display

7.30 – 8.30pm
Band plays second set

‘Our Pally’ Centenary Book

Don’t miss the official launch of our centenary book at the opening ceremony, 3.30pm Saturday 9th November!


Contrary to advice in the previous school newsletter, we are encouraging everyone to collect their pre-ordered books on the day*

How could you possibly wait any longer???!

A collection point will be operating alongside the tea/coffee/cake stand at the main entrance to the Art/Music Building, following the Opening Ceremony.
*This is unless you have arranged otherwise with Hollie Cavanagh, /0407307462 or will not be attending and will be picking up directly from the school.


So, if you haven’t yet ordered your copy, come and grab one (or more!) – it’s the most perfect Christmas present, for family and friends and the best possible memento of our beautiful school.



Vicki Ebert’s (Carter) memories 1960 – 66

 I have some vivid memories of primary school, and then some of them have just gone!! I remember my first day, my teacher was Miss Harwood, and I had taken all my new crayons ( leviathons) – she tried to get me to use old ones in the class room but I was determined!! We Only went half days in primary school for the first 2 weeks I think.

Mr Hancock in Grade 4 but some of them must have not too memorable!!

Mr Italiano in Grade 5 was a whizz at throwing the duster at the naughty boys! Miss Yelland in Grade 6 was my favorite. I think both the girls and the boys had a crush on her. I thought she was so old, but when I look back she was only in her twenties. I was part of a Callisthenics team of girls that she coached to an interschool competition, and we won!! I have photos of us in our leotards with crepe paper!! Such a thrill.

In Grade 7 I had Mr Lacey and Miss Tupper – boy was she a scary lady!! I used to have to go to piano lessons in South Fremantle twice a week, and it was pretty crucial that I got out of school on time, scooted up the hill and was on the next bus so I could get to my lesson on time. I think Miss T used to deliberately ignore me, and I used to be stressed out before I even got to my lesson! Mr Lacey was just gorgeous, and I think everyone loved him! I do remember Michael Jez was particularly annoying, and used to run over the top of the desks pretending to be a monkey! My Mum thought he was lovely because when he walked home past our house, he used to say ” hello Mrs Carter”.

We lived at the Stock Rd end of Tamar St, so used to ride our bikes or walk to school. Every lunch time we went home apart from Friday, which was very exciting as it was tuck shop day. There was the shop on the corner near the school, or the other one that we called the “Top Shop”. The boys all came in bare feet – winter or summer. We had that nasty shiny paper in the toilets!

 Mr Mawson used to coach the girls netball team – I was short so never got a go!! The first time I played netball again I was in my 30’s. Very unfair I thought!

We used to play skippy with a rope, hopscotch, and we used to juggle a lot against the brick walls with tennis balls.I also remember the playground with the monkey bars and the bar where all the girls would put their leg over, grasp it below,and go round and round. Pity none of this is there now – too unsafe. ( Apparently)