pally is 100

Celebrating Palmyra Primary School's Centenary in 2013



Kicking off from 3pm, Saturday 9th November

We’re all very excited here that the day is nearly upon us! The school is buzzing, helped by the fact that we won the interschool athletics carnival for the first time in 18 years

Opening Ceremony on school oval stage

  • CAFÉ WITH COMPLIMENTARY TEA, COFFEE, CAKE (Donations to Legacy appreciated)

4 – 5pm
School, Pally Patch and Classrooms open

  • Play games of yester-year, memory lane photos, reunite with class mates, make damper in the Pally Patch, view history-themed class room displays, skipping demonstration by Pally kids AND SO MUCH MORE!!

5 – 5.30pm
Presentation by Mayor and Student performances on school oval stage

  • BAR OPENS 5.30pm

6 – 7pm
Band plays first set

7 – 7.30pm
VJ Zoo photo/light projection display

7.30 – 8.30pm
Band plays second set

‘Our Pally’ Centenary Book

Don’t miss the official launch of our centenary book at the opening ceremony, 3.30pm Saturday 9th November!


Contrary to advice in the previous school newsletter, we are encouraging everyone to collect their pre-ordered books on the day*

How could you possibly wait any longer???!

A collection point will be operating alongside the tea/coffee/cake stand at the main entrance to the Art/Music Building, following the Opening Ceremony.
*This is unless you have arranged otherwise with Hollie Cavanagh, /0407307462 or will not be attending and will be picking up directly from the school.


So, if you haven’t yet ordered your copy, come and grab one (or more!) – it’s the most perfect Christmas present, for family and friends and the best possible memento of our beautiful school.



3 thoughts on “ONE WEEK TO GO!!

  1. It is a bit late, but I have just found my old Palmyra School Reports and had not seen mention of these teachers from years 1951 too 1957 In Infants 1951 lovely Mrs Sargeant, Class 1 1952 Miss Alford who married mid year to be Mrs Jackson, the Headmaster Mr Hill. In 1953 Class 2 Mrs Sidotti. In class 3 1954 the dreaded Miss Purcell who used to fly at you like someone possed. with ruler in hand and give you a good wacking across the legs. The Headmaster changed too Mr Forster.In year 4 1955 Mrs George. In year 5 1956 another fear factor Mr Jas Hussey. In year 7 1957 Mr Bernie Mc Manus and still Mr Forster. There was another teacher who thankfully I never had Mr Thatcher I can remember him putting boys in the big metal rubbish bins then belting the lid of the bin with a stick, I would Like to know what their hearing turned out like.
    As I hated school with vengeance, I do not have great memories of school except it was the best day of my life the day I left. I remember the cleaner well Mrs Hacket, she knew my Grandmother well and if I was in any trouble she found great delight in passing the word along, and even tho we had no telephone, my Father was pretty quick in hearing any news.
    I remember the warm milk and the boxer dog who delighted in weeing on the crates, like to see that happen this day and age.
    All I can say life was so simple back then, or was it as kids you had no worries or fear, but we were free to roam all over Palmyra with our friends riding bikes, walking for miles, and we knew so many people in every street, everyone looked out after each other.
    Yes the Harrisons Tuck Shop those were the days for a proper cream bun or vanilla slice.
    Some of my class members were Margaret Mann, Margaret Taylor, Kaye Penno, Valma Poole, Pam Oxwell, Maureen Lucanas, Verna Kelly, Carolyn Cutts, Alice Smyts, John Robinson, Keith foxton, Bill Crighton, Ray Sullivan Collin Anderton. There was close to 40 kids per class so many have slipped memory, sorry.
    Have a great weekend enjoy would love to be there.
    Glennis Harders Mc Nicol

    • Hi cousin! The days when the world was young! I expect you looked after me in those early days, walking to school, etc. All the best…..Reg

      • Hi Reg,
        The days of young and innocent where have they gone. Yes can’t remember back but I guess we all walked to school together, and looked after each other.. Would love to catch up this weekend, but going into the 20th week and last I hope of round 2 chemo. Sick of feeling like a freak just keep to my self.

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