pally is 100

Celebrating Palmyra Primary School's Centenary in 2013

Gary Carter’s memories

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Apologies to Gary Carter for missing his blog submission, it came through in the few days before the centenary celebration and slipped through the cracks.

Other family members and friends who attended (and years if known): Sisters Vicki and Julie.
Wife Marilyn Corish (1958 and 1965)
Daughter Tory in 1983

Years attended Palmyra: 1957 – 1963

We lived up the Stock Road end of Tamar Street. My Mum still lives there. I remember the street to the school was one lane and lined both sides with white limestone rocks. For at least Grade 1 in 1957 the road ran straight through the schoolgrounds.
I thought I was real special in Grade 1 because I was always the first name read out when they called the roll every morning. Then after a few weeks I was moved to a different Grade 1 class, and all of a sudden this wa***r called Graham Bell got called out first!  By about Grade 4 I finally had the ah-ha moment when the intricacies of the alphabet dawned on me. Years later Graham Bell became pretty well my best mate!
A lady on this site mentioned doing Grade 4 with Mr Kanganis down the Church at the Canning Highway end of McKimmie Street. I was there too! We played cricket at what the teachers called “the cow patch” on the corner of McKimmie and Solomon, where the kindy is. It is all nice and grassy today, back then it was all black sand and pretty well hopeless for playing cricket on.

I loved footy but was pretty  hopeless at it. Somehow they made me captain of the School “B” team. We had these really dodgy hand-sewn gurnseys. I guess some lades went to a lot of trouble knitting them, but I really envied the lads in the “A” team who had proper jumpers. I barracked for East Perth and always went to footy training in my East Perth jumper (boy I took a lot of stick for that!) It was a proper jumper and I wanted the number 15 on it because that was my favourite player. But instead of buying and sewing on a couple of proper numbers my poor old mother went to the trouble of hand sewing it on on her old Singer. Unfortunately whilst she did a serviceable enough job on the 1, the 5 looked like an “S”. That Russel Christensen never shut up about it – “and it’s Number Is for East Perth…”.  Bastard.


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