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Celebrating Palmyra Primary School's Centenary in 2013


Can you fill in the gaps?

We’re trying to produce a full list of P and C Presidents, but we’ve got some holes. Any ideas of anyone who was P&c president prior to 1983, or earlie 00’s?

1983       Mrs B A Wallin

1984       (No record on WACSSO file)

1985       Mrs B A Wallin

1986       Mrs J Harwood

1987       Mrs J Harwood

1988       Valerie Irving

1989       Valerie Irving

1990       Valerie Irving

1991       Karen Driscoll

1992       Karen Driscoll

1993       Bobbi Melville

1994       Bobbi Melville

1995       Karen Mueller

1996       ?????

1997      ?????

1998     ?????

1999     ?????

2000     ?????

2001    ?????

2003       Mike Wrenn

2004       Mike Wrenn

2005       David Jonas

2006       David Jonas

2007       Helen Mitchell

2008       Helen Mitchell

2009       Mark Whiting

2010       Jeni Taylor

2011       Ian Mitchell

2012       Lisa O’Malley

2013       Lisa O’Malley


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And the rest of the evening was spent dancing…

Possibly the first reference to the school…  from The West Australian – 28 July 1913

2013-01-24 14_58_13-28 Jul 1913 - The West Australian - p7

A bit difficult to read, here’s the text:

Palmyra State School.-Recently the residents of Palmyra, with the assistance of a Government subsidy, built a hall in that suburb. Amongst other things, the hall is now being used for educational purposes, a day school having been recently commenced. On Thursday evening last a public welcome was given to the newly appointed teacher. Mr. Wynne Kinnear. In spite of the in clemency of the weather the hall was nearly full. Mr. C. Stuart presided, and Mr. H. Ainsworth and Mr. 0. Richardson and others spoke words of welcome on behalf of the residents of the district. Mr. Howard Evans, the chairman of the local education board, was present, and also welcomed the new teacher. Mr. Kinnear suitably responded. Musical items were rendered, and refreshments served, after which the rest of the evening was spent in dancing.


Tamar Street Hall

My grandfather (Sydney Woodall Smith) built a house at 73 Carrington St (which still stands) in the early 1900s and left space for an extra room.
This room ( the boy’s room) was added about the time my father was born and the rafters and other bits were from the off-cuts and left-overs from the Tamar St hall. My father was born in 1913 and started at THE school in 1919. His two younger brothers followed.
Les Smith