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Celebrating Palmyra Primary School's Centenary in 2013


Vicki Ebert’s (Carter) memories 1960 – 66

 I have some vivid memories of primary school, and then some of them have just gone!! I remember my first day, my teacher was Miss Harwood, and I had taken all my new crayons ( leviathons) – she tried to get me to use old ones in the class room but I was determined!! We Only went half days in primary school for the first 2 weeks I think.

Mr Hancock in Grade 4 but some of them must have not too memorable!!

Mr Italiano in Grade 5 was a whizz at throwing the duster at the naughty boys! Miss Yelland in Grade 6 was my favorite. I think both the girls and the boys had a crush on her. I thought she was so old, but when I look back she was only in her twenties. I was part of a Callisthenics team of girls that she coached to an interschool competition, and we won!! I have photos of us in our leotards with crepe paper!! Such a thrill.

In Grade 7 I had Mr Lacey and Miss Tupper – boy was she a scary lady!! I used to have to go to piano lessons in South Fremantle twice a week, and it was pretty crucial that I got out of school on time, scooted up the hill and was on the next bus so I could get to my lesson on time. I think Miss T used to deliberately ignore me, and I used to be stressed out before I even got to my lesson! Mr Lacey was just gorgeous, and I think everyone loved him! I do remember Michael Jez was particularly annoying, and used to run over the top of the desks pretending to be a monkey! My Mum thought he was lovely because when he walked home past our house, he used to say ” hello Mrs Carter”.

We lived at the Stock Rd end of Tamar St, so used to ride our bikes or walk to school. Every lunch time we went home apart from Friday, which was very exciting as it was tuck shop day. There was the shop on the corner near the school, or the other one that we called the “Top Shop”. The boys all came in bare feet – winter or summer. We had that nasty shiny paper in the toilets!

 Mr Mawson used to coach the girls netball team – I was short so never got a go!! The first time I played netball again I was in my 30’s. Very unfair I thought!

We used to play skippy with a rope, hopscotch, and we used to juggle a lot against the brick walls with tennis balls.I also remember the playground with the monkey bars and the bar where all the girls would put their leg over, grasp it below,and go round and round. Pity none of this is there now – too unsafe. ( Apparently)



Looking for photos of Ruth Sutherlin

Adele Terrell contacted us, because she is looking for photos of her Mother, Ruth C Sutherlin.

Ruth attended Palmyra Primary School from approximately 1956 – 1963.

Ruth’s birthday was 27/1/1950 – so not sure if they attended kindergarten back in those days.

Does anyone have any photos or remember Ruth?

Post in the comments if you can help Adele!



Memories from the Thorne family

Palmyra Pioneers  –  The Thorne Family

Henry (Harry) and Lillian Thorne had eight children, Marjorie, Norman, Jessie, Mamie, Jean, Colin, Rose and Valerie.

Harry, a builder originally from Kent, England built a lovely Federation style home in Forrest Street, Palmyra around 1920.  He also built many of the stately brick homes in East Fremantle, and was contracted to work on building the Hoyts Theatre in Fremantle.

Valerie the youngest born was struck down with infantile paralysis and was confined to a wheelchair. For the term of  her short life, she required home schooling.  The other seven children all attended Palmyra Primary School.   My dear Mum (Mamie) always boasted that she was a “rounders” champion at school. (We now know the game as softball)

Up until shortly before she passed away in 2011, Mamie  lived her entire life in Palmyra. Siblings Norman, Colin & Jean also raised their families in Palmyra. In 1944 Mamie married Les Batty, a young soldier from York.  Our family home was built in Aurelian Street, directly opposite the school.  My brother Rodney (dec) and I both attended the school during the 1950’s-early 1960’s.   The Palmyra P & C  has always been very strong with support and fundraising.  I remember the regular “tuck shops”, and  my father running the “Bridge” nights for parents at the school.

Some of my treasured memories of my time at the school are as follows.
Year one was known as “Bubs”, and for many  years Mrs Moss taught the little ones.  She was a delightful lady who had such a kind  and gentle manner with very young children.

Mr Tom Ward was the Headmaster, and Mr Jack Lacey was Deputy Principal.  Other teachers who stand out in my memory are Miss Tupper, Mrs Thomas, Mr Ray Mawson and Mr Kangannis.  Norm Baker was the school gardener at that time and for many years after. He took great pride in the school.

The corner store was run by George and Madge Harrison.  Lunch orders would be taken at the shop before school, and Mr Harrison would deliver lunches into the school ground in his van.  Living opposite the school it was very rare for me to buy lunch, and a real treat. A typical lunch consisting of a pie with sauce, a cream bun (or meringue) and a drink would set you back 2/- (decimal equivalent 20c)

The student population was increasing rapidly  and the school was bulging at the seams. When  In  grade five (1961)  my class travelled each day to a tiny wooden church at the bottom of McKimmie Rd for our schooling. From memory we spent the best part of the year there, making regular treks up the hill to the main school for sports days and special occasions. Mr Kangannis was our teacher during that time.  At the rear of the church was all natural bushland.  We had the time of our lives there, building cubbies ,clubhouses etc during recess times.

Back at the main school – The school bell was situated at the top of the ramp on the edge of the verandah, and if you were a grade 6 or 7 student you may be selected to be the official bell ringer for the week, a role taken very seriously by the chosen few.

Many friendships made during my school days still exist today.

I am very proud to have been part of the school’s history, and will continue my association as my youngest grandson Lucas Dobber has just commenced his journey at the school.

I look forward to the exciting activities in this the centenary year.

Kind Regards,
Pam Butler


Can you fill in the gaps?

We’re trying to produce a full list of P and C Presidents, but we’ve got some holes. Any ideas of anyone who was P&c president prior to 1983, or earlie 00’s?

1983       Mrs B A Wallin

1984       (No record on WACSSO file)

1985       Mrs B A Wallin

1986       Mrs J Harwood

1987       Mrs J Harwood

1988       Valerie Irving

1989       Valerie Irving

1990       Valerie Irving

1991       Karen Driscoll

1992       Karen Driscoll

1993       Bobbi Melville

1994       Bobbi Melville

1995       Karen Mueller

1996       ?????

1997      ?????

1998     ?????

1999     ?????

2000     ?????

2001    ?????

2003       Mike Wrenn

2004       Mike Wrenn

2005       David Jonas

2006       David Jonas

2007       Helen Mitchell

2008       Helen Mitchell

2009       Mark Whiting

2010       Jeni Taylor

2011       Ian Mitchell

2012       Lisa O’Malley

2013       Lisa O’Malley

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Some memories from Carol Eaton (nee Widdicombe)

Grade 7, 1963
3 generations of Carol’s family attended Palmyra Primary School.
Henry Joseph Widdicombe, Carol Widdicombe and Mark Eaton.
Henry Joseph attended in c1913 at the Tamar Street Hall but not sure for how long. Carol attended in 1957 – 1963. My son Mark attended in 1979 – 1980.
My grade one teacher was Miss Moss. She was a white haired gentle lady. Close to retirement I think.
There were 3 classrooms of grade 7 students in 1963 comprising of approximately 30 students per class.
I would walk to and from school every day and go home for lunch as I lived only a few streets from the school. It was safer then.
We didn’t  have a uniform, except a sports uniform which was worn every Friday on Sports day. The uniform for girls was a tunic in blue and red trim. On sports carnivals we wore faction T shirts and white shorts.
All my siblings attended Palmyra Primary. Valerie, Raymond, Laurel and Merlene. My sister Valerie attended in 1942. She said the school was quite small. There was only the wing that faced Aurelian Street then.
It has certainly grown over the years.


Rollcall: Students from 1955 – 1961

Greg King, (student 1955 to 1961) has made a list of the kids in his class during his time at Palmyra.

Do you know anyone on this list? Or are you there?

Tell us your memories of Pally Primary at this time or email us  any pix!

Greg King, Ken Wells , Laurie John Murname, Robert Murname, Lyn Murname  ,Steven Murname, Brian Hitchcock catholic school?, Graham Chisholm, Graham Corum, Donald Hancock, Kerry Handcock, Denise Handock, Kevin Handcock, Colin Anscombe, Carol Anscombe, Suzanne Anscombe, Kevin White, Philip Read, Mareen Read, Stan Read, Ruby Read, Pam or Sandra? Read, Sandra Gibson, Keith Mitchell, Pam Strother, Peter Strother, Margret Strother, David Taylor, his sister?, Ron Ewer, Tischie Myre, Evan Hinckley, Ross King, Lorraine Bull, Gaye Pacey, Peter Jez, Brian Smedly, Mandy Mitcheson, Alan Goodlet, Geoffery Shearer, Geoffery Hovey Frank Hastings, Kevin Smith,Tommy Mitchell,Suzanne Willcock, Roy Willcock,Daryl Silver,Peter Bennett, Cheryl Marshall,Beverley Scott,Lorraine Cowan,Yvonne King,Sandra Anderson,Tina Schokker,Sue Savage, Kerry Smith ? Mitchell, Kevin Smith , Kevin Handcock,Alan Ferguson, Barry Lawler,Keith Cross,George Peach,Janet Middleton,Jim Crithon,Lois Hepburn,Hiedi Kappra,Peter Flade,Bruce Evans,Wayne Cox,Micheal Pimblett, Peter/Kevin ? Brian Simpson,Bill Neville,Gayle Gutherie? Graham Anderton,Ray Meckmekon,Geoff Wrigley, Stephen Bradley,Phillip Read, Joe Cocci.

Anyone else?