pally is 100

Celebrating Palmyra Primary School's Centenary in 2013

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Pally on ‘Who do you think you are’

Karen Greenwood has passed on news that Rove (John) McManus was on Who Do You Think You Are this week , which featured Palmyra and the Miller family

The show takes people back through history to look at their family genealogy.

You can watch the entire episode at the following link, or go straight to 39 minutes and see Rove at the Miller Home at the site of the Miller bake house on Hammad Street.


A glimpse of the 70s

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Helen Verhoeff has converted this from an old Super 8 film – not the footage melodrama from Penguin Island Helen was hoping for, but looks like kids ready to go on camp.

Recognise anyone?

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Can you fill in any blanks?

Fifth Std. Year 6, 1950


Back row, left to right

Euen Muir, Donald Hogg, Keith Smith, George Stobbs, MurrayVinton, Warren Harrison, Paul Morey, ………, Keith Sloane, Trevor Hodgson,……, Max Borwick

Middle row, left to right

…….., ………, Beverly Edinger, ………, ………, Glenys Bullard, Joy Griffith, Colleen Mears, ………., Glenda Sanders, Joy Holland, Glenda Huxtable, Noreen Bridle, ……

Front row, left to right

Irwin Davey, Fred Strother, …….., Edwin Smith, Ormond Richardson, Leslie Richardson, ………, Len Forsyth, Gary Eggleston, David Lee


Rollcall: Students from 1955 – 1961

Greg King, (student 1955 to 1961) has made a list of the kids in his class during his time at Palmyra.

Do you know anyone on this list? Or are you there?

Tell us your memories of Pally Primary at this time or email us  any pix!

Greg King, Ken Wells , Laurie John Murname, Robert Murname, Lyn Murname  ,Steven Murname, Brian Hitchcock catholic school?, Graham Chisholm, Graham Corum, Donald Hancock, Kerry Handcock, Denise Handock, Kevin Handcock, Colin Anscombe, Carol Anscombe, Suzanne Anscombe, Kevin White, Philip Read, Mareen Read, Stan Read, Ruby Read, Pam or Sandra? Read, Sandra Gibson, Keith Mitchell, Pam Strother, Peter Strother, Margret Strother, David Taylor, his sister?, Ron Ewer, Tischie Myre, Evan Hinckley, Ross King, Lorraine Bull, Gaye Pacey, Peter Jez, Brian Smedly, Mandy Mitcheson, Alan Goodlet, Geoffery Shearer, Geoffery Hovey Frank Hastings, Kevin Smith,Tommy Mitchell,Suzanne Willcock, Roy Willcock,Daryl Silver,Peter Bennett, Cheryl Marshall,Beverley Scott,Lorraine Cowan,Yvonne King,Sandra Anderson,Tina Schokker,Sue Savage, Kerry Smith ? Mitchell, Kevin Smith , Kevin Handcock,Alan Ferguson, Barry Lawler,Keith Cross,George Peach,Janet Middleton,Jim Crithon,Lois Hepburn,Hiedi Kappra,Peter Flade,Bruce Evans,Wayne Cox,Micheal Pimblett, Peter/Kevin ? Brian Simpson,Bill Neville,Gayle Gutherie? Graham Anderton,Ray Meckmekon,Geoff Wrigley, Stephen Bradley,Phillip Read, Joe Cocci.

Anyone else?